For All Occasions in Miami!


Q: Would it be possible to keep the bus longer?

A: You're welcome to keep the bus as long as you like! We do not charge additional fees for this--we simply continue to charge you at the very same hourly rate as we did during the rest of your trip. It's that simple.

Q: Are the passengers allowed to smoke cigarettes?

A: When booking your vehicle ask the booking agent if the vehicle is a smoking or non smoking vehicle.

Q: Are we allowed to have drinks on the bus?

A: Though we can't legally provide alcoholic beverages to you, you are more than welcome to bring them yourself. We do provide ice and cups for you, and of course it will be easy for you to serve your drinks thanks to our built-in bars and built-in cup holders!

Q: I need a party bus near LA where can I go?

A: If you're outside of the Los Angeles area in California we recommend BakersfieldPartyBus.com.

Q: Will I be able to cancel if my plans change?

A:You cannot cancel once you have made your reservation and put your deposit down. Whether you use the service or not, you will have to pay. That is how our business is. We would never cancel on you no matter what happened or what weather is outside.

Q: Are those who are under 21 years of age allowed on the party buses?

A:Yes they are! We only ask that if they are, that there is no alcohol on the buses. We are great for everything with children from birthday parties to proms.

Q: What cities around Miami do you serve?

A: We serve most of the area surrounding Miami, including all the cities in Miami-Dade County, Broward County, Monroe County, and Collier County. Our service area is not necessarily limited to just that, so give us a call with the specific destinations that you have in mind and we can discuss it with you. There may be a service charge for trips more than 50 miles outside of the Miami area.

Q: Are there times of the year that we can't rent buses?

A: You won't have to worry about that at all because we are open 365 days per year, every day of the week, and 24 hours a day!

Q: Are you insured?

A: We are insured to the maximum amount allowed by the law, and we keep all of our licenses and permits up to date as well. Even our buses are inspected before and after each trip for your safety. You are protected completely when you travel with us.

Q: Are you hiding any fees from us so that we don't see?

A:We don't hide anything from you. We will inform you of everything you need to know. If we accidentally forget something, ask and we would be happy to tell you or explain.

Q: Can we bring food on the buses?

A:Of course you can! Bring as much food and drinks as you want. Try not to make a big mess. If there's a lot to clean up after, you may be charged a cleaning fee. There are coolers on the buses where you can put your food and drinks to stay cold.

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