Wedding Band Information

So, you weighed all of the options and you came to the decision that a live wedding band was the right choice for your wedding reception. We probably don't have to sell you on something that you have already decided on, but an amazing live band can make your reception hop like nothing else would be able to. The Miami area is a hotbed for great music and amazing musicians. The key for you is to hire a band that knows the wedding ropes and will be able to not only play a variety of tunes that your guests will enjoy, but also they have a sense of when to do what as they keep the events of your wedding flowing in an orderly and efficient fashion. Hiring the wrong band can lead to catastrophic consequences to be sure. To ensure that you get the entertainment that you want and deserve, you will want to ask any band you consider for your wedding the following questions. It is then that you will be able to make an informed decision.

We recommend that you never hire a band that you have not seen live or had a chance to at least hear in one form or another. They may be performing in your area so ask them when then next concert or two is. If you can't make a live concert, ask them for a demo CD. Pay close attention to how their live performance affects the crowd. How do they interact with the crowd, what kind of vibe do they give off. Is it the type that you would want at your wedding? Also, you need to find out how large their song repertoire is. You want someone who is well rounded so that all of your guests will have something played that they can enjoy. How much say will they allow you and your fiance to have in terms of what they play and what they don't play. Find out now.

Will they provide a PA system? This should be standard operating procedure for any band. Will they be using their system to make your announcements? Or maybe a better questions is will they be making the announcements if you want them to? How early are they willing to show up for setup and sound check? This is a much more important questions than you might imagine. The last thing that you want is your band showing up once all of your guests are at the reception trying to enjoy their food and drink. Imagine all of the noise as they bring in their equipment banging together, giving off crazy noises and getting the amplification just right. The should be ready to go before your guests arrive. Will they have a sound engineer with them? This can really help with the sound quality.

Ask them if they have ever encountered any problems at a wedding they played at. If they have, how did they handle things so that the activities got back on track? Ask them for some references and follow through on calling each one to talk over how professional the band really is. Of course the inevitable question must come: how much are you going to charge me? Keep in mind that high quality lives bands are not cheap. They have put a lot of time and effort into becoming professionals and they also have to purchase professional grade equipment in order to sound like professionals. A great quality band will be worth every penny. So, if you find someone that you really like, go ahead and book them. You only live once and your wedding is one of those very special days that needs some high quality entertainment.